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The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism extends the energy efficiency budget.

The Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) manages nearly 1.4 billion euros in energy saving and efficiency programmes aimed at all sectors of activity.

The PAREER-CRECE programme for energy rehabilitation of buildings has reserves of more than EUR 100 million, and will soon be extended by a further EUR 82 million. Other programmes, such as the municipal outdoor lighting programme or the programme for industrial companies, have also increased their allocations..

Nov.15.- The Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism, through the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE), will manage nearly 1.4 billion euros allocated to ten aid programmes for energy saving and efficiency, aimed at all energy-consuming sectors: building, industrial companies, transport and local councils.

The programmes have been in force since last May and the funds come from the National Energy Efficiency Fund, the General State Budget 2015 and the ERDF Funds 2014-2020.

Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings

200 million PAREER-CRECE programme for the energy renovation of buildings has already reserved 50% of its budget.

The subsidies of this programme – whose actions must improve the energy rating of the buildings that benefit from it by at least one level – are a minimum of between 20% and 30% of the eligible investment, which can be increased according to social criteria. The aid can also be complemented with a repayable loan of up to 90% of the investment at Euribor + 0% for 12 years, with a grace period of one year.

So far, the main applicants have been, with 80%, residents’ associations, with the most demanded measure being the improvement of the thermal insulation of façades in order to reduce heating costs.

Municipal outdoor lighting, companies, modes of transport

The programme for the renovation of municipal outdoor lighting, endowed with 36 million euros, registered applications in October that exceeded the budget initially planned for one year, with 38 projects, so it has been extended with another 29 million euros. The modality of this aid is the granting of 10-year interest-free loans for the value of 100% of the necessary investment.

Likewise, the 320 projects presented by companies in the industrial sector up to the month of October total applications for aid in excess of the initial budget, planned for one year, of 49 million euros and aimed at actions to improve technology in equipment and processes, as well as the implementation of energy management systems. The line has also been extended by a further 66 million euros. This aid consists of a cash payment without consideration, with a maximum amount of 30% of the eligible investment.

With regard to the aid programme for modal shift actions and more efficient use of transport modes, 54% of a budget of 8 million euros has so far been earmarked, under the modality of cash without consideration, with beneficiaries being both private and public companies.

Other programmes

It should also be noted that, under the National Energy Efficiency Fund 2015, the Ministry of Industry, through the IDAE, plans to launch the following programmes before the end of the year:

Programme for actions to improve the energy efficiency of railway systems, endowed with 13 million euros.

Programme for actions to improve the energy efficiency of the water cycle (desalination), endowed with 12 million euros.

In addition, the 2014-2020 ERDF funds will be used to launch a call for the selection of unique low-carbon economy projects implemented by Local Bodies, within the framework of the Sustainable Growth Operational Programme, under Axis 4, for which IDEA acts as Intermediate Body and has a total budget of 500 million euros for the entire period.

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