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Experts in Ventilation and Extraction systems

Ventilation and extraction systems are an essential technology for keeping indoor air clean and fresh. These systems remove pollutants such as smoke, dust, odours, gases and toxic vapours.

These systems help to maintain a healthy and safe environment for the occupants of an enclosed space, such as: a workshop, factory, processing plants, professional kitchen, offices, building, sports centres, etc.

Ventilation and exhaust systems consist of a combination of mechanical equipment such as fans, ducts and filters to remove contaminants from indoor air. These systems also include control devices to adjust air flow and maintain proper pressure.

In Instalaciones Carabantes we have extensive experience in installation and maintenance of:

  • Ventilation systems for large and small areas
  • Ventilation of premises and garages
  • Air renewal
  • Heat recovery
  • Air curtain

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