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Grants Programme

Andalucía A+ Programme for the Energy Development of Andalusia

The Regional Ministry of Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment of the Andalusian Regional Government promotes the culture of energy saving and the use of renewable energies in Andalusian households, through the Andalusian Energy Agency. Since 2009 and until 30 November 2014, some 100 million euros have been allocated in subsidies under the Programme for the sustainable energy development of Andalusia, Andalusia A+.

Andalucía A+
Sustainable Construction

Programme for the Promotion of Sustainable Construction in Andalusia

With the entry into force of Decree-Law 1/2014, of 18 March, which regulates the Programme for the Promotion of Sustainable Construction in Andalusia, since 1 April 2014 the Andalusian Regional Government has been facilitating the implementation of energy saving, energy efficiency and renewable energy actions in existing buildings in Andalusia.

Construccion sostenible
Grants Programme

PROSOL Programme for Energy Development in Andalusia

The Order of 4 February 2009 (BOJA 30 of 13 February 2009)and its subsequent amendment by the Order of 7 December 2010 (BOJA 244 of 16 December 2010)establishes the procedure and requirements for obtaining the status of authorised and/or collaborating company in the Specific Programme PROSOL. Depending on the type of installation.

Programa PROSOL
Partner Entity

Programme for the sustainable development of Andalusia

In June 2015, the European Commission approved Andalusia’s ERDF Operational Programme 2014-2020, which sets out the investment priorities aimed at strengthening the economic, social and territorial cohesion of the Autonomous Community for this period. It is conceived as an instrument at the service of the reorientation of Andalusia’s productive model, so that the way out of the crisis is based on more solid foundations that allow the generation of activity and employment.

sello entidad colaboradora
Malaga Chamber of Commerce

Collaborating company of the Chamber of Commerce of Malaga

The Chamber is a Public Law Corporation that is legally configured as a consultative and collaborative body with the Public Administrations and whose purpose is the representation, promotion and defence of the general interests of commerce, industry and navigation, as well as the provision of services to companies that carry out the aforementioned activities.

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