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Heating Specialists

At Instalaciones Carabantes our heating specialists will offer you a customised advice, to solve any doubt and to elaborate a personalised budget that covers all your needs for the following heating services:

  • Individual installations for homes, premises, offices and shops.
  • Installation of Splits, Multi-Splits, Floor, Duct, Ceiling and Cassette units for heating and cooling.
  • Inverter chillers for residential, commercial and/or industrial use. Heat pumps for heating, domestic hot water and air conditioning.
  • VRV, Variable Refrigerant Temperature.
  • Oil-fired boiler.
  • Biomass, pellet, poly fuel boilers.
  • Radiators, the boiler heats the water that circulates through pipes that are connected to the radiators.
  • Underfloor heating, the boiler heats the water that circulates through a pipe embedded in the mortar layer that runs under the entire surface of the place to be heated.
  • Breakdown repairs and maintenance.

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