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Technical service

Air conditioning

Installation and maintenance of equipment in homes and businesses


We install highly efficient equipment to keep you warm.

Industrial Refrigeration

We design tailor-made projects for all types of businesses.

Ventilation and Extraction

Ventilation systems for large and small areas

Creating the right climate for your home or business

Since our inception in 2004, we have been offering personalised advice for any of our services. We carry out installation, maintenance and repair with the best guarantees.

Our specialists are qualified and experienced professionals who speak Spanish, German, English, French and Italian.

Now you can contact us to solve any doubt or ask for a quote without obligation.

Discover aerothermics

Reduces energy consumption

Aerothermal energy is a technology that uses the thermal energy of the outside air as a source of energy for heating and cooling the house.

It is a renewable energy

It is considered a renewable energy because it is highly efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly, as it does not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Produces heat and cold

Aerothermal energy can be used to heat the water we consume at home, as well as to air-condition indoor spaces by producing heat or cold.

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Why choose us?

Experienced team

Since 2004, Instalaciones Carabantes has had an excellent team of professionals with extensive experience and continuous training to always offer the most efficient and advanced service.

Personalised service

Our team is fluent in Spanish, English, German, French and Italian, which allows us to offer an excellent advisory service before and during installation, as well as support in the event of any incident.

Quality technology

We work with the best manufacturers on the market, those who are committed to R&D and use the best materials and qualities to develop their technology, as this allows us to give our customers the best guarantees.

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