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Wine coolers for commercial or private use

Vinotecas para uso comercial o particular

The world of wine is vast and complex, and those who appreciate it understand the importance of storing and serving each bottle in ideal conditions. At Instalaciones Carabantes we offer customised solutions for private collections and businesses. We create spaces fully adapted to the client’s requirements in terms of aesthetics and functionality.

Wine cabinets have evolved a lot in the last decades, for some it is a luxury, for wine lovers it is a necessity. In any case, it is clear that a wine cooler provides significant benefits for both households and hospitality businesses looking for attractive storage solutions.

In the province of Malaga, this art finds its maximum expression with customised installations courtesy of Instalaciones Carabantes. In this article we include some photos of work carried out. If you are looking for such solutions, contact us today and we will be happy to provide you with advice and a tailor-made quotation.

Benefits of wine coolers for commercial or private use

We create spaces designed to store and preserve wine bottles at specific temperatures. This ensures that the wine ages properly and is ready to be enjoyed at its optimum moment. Wine coolers for commercial or private use offer various features and advantages:

Wine coolers for commercial use

  1. Display and presentation: In commercial environments such as restaurants, wine cellars, or wine shops, wine cabinets not only serve the function of preservation, but also serve as display elements. They allow special wine selections to be displayed attractively through a glass window.
  2. Temperature control: We equip commercial wine coolers with more precise temperature control and additional functions to suit different wine varieties that may have specific requirements. There are some absolutely stunning private collections, but generally the most extensive and varied cellars are those in the hotel and catering sector.
  3. Efficient storage: They are designed to maximise space and organise bottles efficiently. This facilitates inventory management, localisation by employees and wine selection by customers.
  4. Easy access: Many commercial wine bars are designed with glass doors and lighting systems that allow customers to see the selection available, creating greater desire, discovery and facilitating decision making.

Wine coolers for private use

  1. Varied sizes: There are wine cabinets designed for residential spaces ranging from compact models like a small pantry to larger units comparable to those for commercial use. At Instalaciones Carabantes we adapt to your needs and the space available.
  2. Temperature control: Wine coolers for domestic use also offer temperature control, but usually require less sophisticated and less precise technology. However, we can equip the wine cellar with the necessary equipment, including home automation solutions to remotely control temperature and humidity levels.
  3. Long-term preservation: They are ideal for those who wish to preserve wines for the long term. For example, a reserve or a special vintage that you have acquired or have been given as a gift. Having the flexibility to select a specific bottle for special occasions is a luxury.
  4. Customised design: We can coordinate with design studios or realise any sketch that the owner has drawn up. There are a multitude of finish and design options to suit the décor of the house.
  5. Ease of use: These spaces are easy to use and maintain, they are essentially a climate chamber but with a more sophisticated aesthetic.

In both cases, it is crucial to understand the specific needs of wine preservation, such as the right temperature and humidity. If you are a wine lover it may already be clear to you, if not we can offer you advice on how to create a wine cellar that meets your needs.

Installation and maintenance of wine coolers in Malaga

At Instalaciones Carabantes we can tackle industrial refrigeration projects in a comprehensive manner. In other words, we take care of everything or we coordinate with engineering, architecture or interior design studios to make the wine cellar of your dreams come true.

Once in operation, it is advisable to carry out regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure the proper functioning and optimum preservation of the wine bottles. If needed, we also offer maintenance services to check that all equipment is working and measuring key indicators correctly.


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