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Underfloor heating to warm your home

Suelo radiante para calentar tu hogar

In Malaga, depending on where you live and the type of insulation in your home, winters can be more or less harsh. If you do not want to spend more cold in winter, contact Instalaciones Carabantes, we are specialists in heating systems.

One of the most efficient systems we usually install is underfloor heating for heating private homes. If you are interested, in this article you will find out what it consists of, how it is installed and the benefits it provides in both winter and summer.

The dangers of inefficient heating

In the cold winter months, inadequate heating can be a real inconvenience. The disadvantages of relying on outdated and inefficient heating systems are obvious:

  1. Increased electricity bills: An inefficient system tends to consume more energy, which drives up costs and forces us to limit its use.
  2. Hot and cold spots: Uneven heat distribution in the house can create hot and cold spots. These situations are uncomfortable because you have to keep warm depending on where you are in the house.
  3. Frequent maintenance: Obsolete heating systems often require constant maintenance, which implies additional costs and the need for regular supervision by specialised technicians.
  4. Health risks: Some inefficient systems can negatively affect indoor air quality. Even systems such as butane gas cookers have been involved in numerous incidents.
  5. Negative environmental impact: Inefficient heating systems often generate a larger carbon footprint, contributing to climate change and environmental degradation.
  6. Premature wear and tear and obsolescence: Cheap or low-quality systems can quickly wear out and become obsolete. As a consequence they have a shorter lifetime and the need for costly replacements in the short to medium term.
  7. Aesthetics and room layout: Radiators and other visible heating systems can affect the interior aesthetics of a space. In other words, they take up space and restrict the arrangement of furniture and decoration.
  8. Noise and nuisance: Some inefficient systems can generate annoying noise and vibrations, affecting peace and quiet in the home.

You may never have considered all these disadvantages, but they have all crossed your mind at some point when you were lamenting the fact that you didn’t have good heating.

The solution involves a personalised study and estimate. The aim is to analyse the characteristics of your home and, based on your budget, recommend the best heating solution for your home. A system that is efficient, allows all rooms to be heated, requires little maintenance, is environmentally friendly, generates no noise and has a long service life.

Does such a thing exist? Indeed, at Instalaciones Carabantes we have extensive experience in installations with Biomass, Pellets or Polyfuel Boilers, as well as heat pumps that work with low temperature radiators and underfloor heating. Of all of them, the latter is the one that offers the features mentioned above and also does not require visible radiators to be installed.

Discover the innovation of underfloor heating and its benefits

Underfloor heating is an innovative solution that is revolutionising the heating landscape. In fact, more and more new housing projects or complete renovations are opting for these systems. One of its great advantages is that it provides an even distribution of heat throughout the space, eliminating annoying cold spots.

With underfloor heating you can enjoy a cosy and comfortable atmosphere throughout your home. This is thanks to the installation of a circuit of pipes under the floor, through which hot water circulates. In this way, the temperature in the rooms is gradually increased until the desired temperature is reached, without draughts or cold spots.

Underfloor heating in Malaga

The floor will be warm but not uncomfortable, and the temperature is automatically controlled at all times. These systems operate continuously while consuming very little energy, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable temperature in your home all winter long, day and night.

The water circulating through the pipes can be heated with a heat pump, one of the most efficient systems available today. They consume hardly any energy, in fact many of our customers choose to power them with photovoltaic solar panels.

Today’s technology also allows us to control the temperature in each room individually. If there are rooms that are not used or where a lower temperature is preferred, this can be set. This allows users to enjoy a personalised level of comfort throughout their home.

Quote for underfloor heating installation

Therefore, the advantages of underfloor heating for heating a home go beyond mere comfort. This system provides remarkable energy efficiency, which translates into significant savings on heating bills. In addition, not relying on visible radiators frees up space and creates a cleaner, more modern interior aesthetic.

At Instalaciones Carabantes we are proud to offer underfloor heating installations throughout the province of Malaga. For more than 20 years we have been offering effective and efficient solutions that perfectly meet the needs of our customers.

Don’t suffer any more the cold and humidity of the winters in Malaga, contact us today, we will be happy to answer your questions and provide you with a personalised quote.


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