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Refrigerated display cabinets

If you have a business in Malaga and you need refrigerated display cabinets, you can count on us. In Instalaciones Carabantes we are experts in industrial refrigeration, we can offer you advice, installation and maintenance for this type of equipment.

If you need a new refrigerated display cabinet or you are thinking of buying a second-hand one, we can offer you advice, assess the condition of the equipment and carry out an overhaul and overhaul so that you do not have any problems.

What is a refrigerated display case?

Refrigerated display cabinets are equipment designed to display and preserve perishable foods at cool temperatures. This equipment enhances the presentation of the products, and at the same time guarantees freshness and food safety.

If you want to buy a display case for your business, here are some key things to consider:

  1. Attractive presentation: These display cases are designed with transparent materials, such as glass, which allow a clear view of the stored products. This creates an attractive presentation that can stimulate sales by highlighting the freshness and quality of the food.
  2. Food preservation: The main function of these cabinets is to keep food at cold temperatures to prolong its shelf life and prevent bacterial growth. This is especially crucial for products such as cakes, salads, dairy products, meats and other perishable items.
  3. Temperature control: Refrigerated display cabinets offer precise temperature control, ensuring that food is kept in ideal conditions for preservation. Many models allow customised adjustments to suit different types of products.
  4. Variety of designs and sizes: A variety of design options and sizes are available to meet the specific needs of different establishments, from small bakeries to large supermarkets. They can be vertical or horizontal, to be placed on worktops or bars, with adjustable shelves or trays depending on the type of products to be displayed.
  5. Energy efficiency: Modern showcases are designed to be energy efficient, with technologies that minimise electricity consumption. This not only benefits the environment, but also reduces operating costs for businesses.
  6. Interior lighting: Many showcases have LED interior lighting systems that enhance the presentation of products and attract the attention of customers. This lighting can be adjusted to highlight specific areas of the display case.
  7. Easy access and cleaning: These display cabinets are designed for easy access to the products and for easy cleaning. Sliding doors, easy-opening systems and scratch-resistant materials are common in these devices.
  8. Diverse applications: They are used in a variety of environments, from bakeries and pastry shops to restaurants, supermarkets, among others. The versatility of these display cabinets makes them ideal for the display and preservation of a wide range of fresh produce.

When choosing a refrigerated display case, it is essential to consider the specific needs of the business, the quantity and type of products to be displayed, as well as the energy efficiency and aesthetic design that suits the shop environment.

installation of industrial refrigeration in malaga

Where we install refrigerated display cabinets

When we think of refrigerated display cabinets, food shops, the counter of tapas or sushi bars, as well as restaurants where seafood, desserts and drinks are displayed, for example, immediately come to mind. Bars and restaurants are undoubtedly the businesses that most frequently acquire this type of catering machinery.

However, in our experience, refrigerated display cabinets are used in a wide variety of businesses. The visual presentation and storage of perishable products is important in all of them. Some of the types of businesses that commonly employ refrigerated display cases include:

  1. Bakeries and bakeries: For displaying fresh bread, cakes, pies and other baked goods.
  2. Ice cream shops: Refrigerated display cabinets for ice cream and frozen dairy products.
  3. Cafeterias and bakeries: Where desserts, cakes, sandwiches and other fresh foods are displayed.
  4. Restaurants and bars: Especially in areas where sushi, tapas and other snacks, as well as desserts or wines, are desired.
  5. Fish and seafood shops: To present fresh seafood and fish or prepared products.
  6. Supermarkets and grocery shops: For displaying dairy products, sausages, meats, salads, sushi and other perishable items.
  7. Flower and plant shops: In this case, to keep flowers fresh and in good condition.
  8. Service stations: To display beverages, prepared meals and refrigerated snacks.

These are just a few examples of businesses where we have installed refrigerated display cabinets. Today they are very versatile equipment, as they are suitable for a wide range of businesses where the display and preservation of refrigerated products are essential to attract customers and ensure product quality.

Maintenance of refrigerated display cabinets in Málaga

As with any refrigeration equipment, refrigerated display cabinets require regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance and prolong their service life. If this is not done, we do not expose ourselves to a breakdown at the worst possible time, in the middle of the season or at peak times, with the risk of financial losses that far exceed those of a maintenance service.

With maintenance we can prevent problems, ensure energy efficiency and maintain proper storage conditions.

These are the main maintenance tasks required for refrigerated display cabinets:

  1. Regular cleaning: Shop staff should regularly clean the internal and external surfaces of the display case. This includes shelves, glass and panels. Otherwise the accumulation of dust and dirt can affect the energy efficiency and the presentation of the products.
  2. Check gaskets and seals: Our maintenance team periodically checks the door gaskets and seals to ensure that they are in good condition. Faulty seals can allow unwanted air to enter, affecting the internal temperature.
  3. Drain inspection: Check that the drain is clean and unobstructed. Blocked drains can cause water accumulation and affect the performance of the equipment.
  4. Checking the thermostat and temperature controls: Our inspection technicians check the thermostat and temperature controls to ensure that they are calibrated correctly.
  5. Inspection of fans and coils: Another task we perform is to check the fans and coils, they must be free of dust and obstructions to maintain good air circulation.
  6. Maintenance of electrical components: Another important task we carry out during maintenance is to check the condition of electrical components such as switches, cables and plugs. Any signs of wear or damage should be addressed immediately to avoid incidents.
  7. Filter replacement: In those businesses that have showcases with air filtration systems, we take care of changing or cleaning the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The maintenance of refrigerated display cabinets must be carried out by specialised technicians. That is to say, with the training and experience to avoid making mistakes and to be able to advise the client if it is advisable to make some kind of renovation to avoid problems in the short and medium term.

If you are looking for a reliable company in Malaga, in Instalaciones Carabantes you will find professionals with extensive experience in industrial refrigeration. We carry out maintenance, equipment installations, as well as customised projects to cover the needs of any client in all types of activity sectors.


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