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Ducted air conditioning in Malaga

Aire acondicionado por conductos en Málaga

Choosing the right air-conditioning system is a crucial step, both for homeowners and entrepreneurs shaping new projects. To help you make the right choice, ducted air conditioning installers offer advice, based on their extensive experience and knowledge of air conditioning.

Ducted air conditioning provides an adequate and uniform temperature without sacrificing aesthetics. It adapts to every corner of the home or commercial space, whether we want a discreet look or an industrial look with exposed ducting.

If you are contemplating the renovation of your current system or planning the construction of a new project, the choice of ducted air conditioning deserves serious consideration. In Malaga, we have a climate that makes it necessary to have a temperature regulation system both in summer and winter. At Instalaciones Carabantes we offer advice and an impeccable installation that is aligned with the specific needs of each space.

Main features and benefits

  1. Centralised distribution: Unlike split air conditioners, ducted air conditioners operate centrally. The central unit blows air through ducts that are installed in walls, ceilings or floors.
  2. Discreet design: The ducts through which the air circulates are usually embedded in the structure of the building. This makes the system unobtrusive and does not take up visible space in the rooms.
  3. Zonal control: This is an optional feature, but quite practical. Zonal control can adjust the temperature in different areas or rooms independently. This is made possible by installing dampers in the ducts to regulate the air flow.
  4. Energy efficiency: These systems tend to be energy efficient. Especially when integrated with modern technologies such as programmable thermostats, heat recovery and variable speed motors.
  5. Integrated climate control: In addition to cooling capacity, many ducted air conditioning systems also provide heating and ventilation. This makes them a complete year-round solution.
  6. Aesthetics: You can choose concealed ducting so that it does not affect the aesthetics of the space, or you can opt for exposed ducting for a more industrial aesthetic, something we often see in shops, bars and restaurants.
  7. Installation costs: Initial installation can be more expensive compared to individual systems such as split systems, as we must deploy a duct circuit that reaches each room. However, in the long run, these systems can be more efficient and cost-effective.
  8. Regular maintenance: To maintain optimum performance, regular maintenance including duct cleaning and replacement of air filters is recommended.
  9. Residential and commercial applications: Ducted air conditioning is commonly used in homes, as well as in commercial buildings and offices because of its ability to cool large spaces uniformly.
  10. Always rely on professionals: Installation and maintenance of ducted air conditioning systems should be carried out by trained professionals to ensure efficient performance and system integrity.
Ducted air conditioning in Malaga

How ducted air conditioning works

Ducted air conditioning operates in a fairly simple way. Imagine your home or business with a network of pipes hidden in the ceiling or walls, bringing cool or warm air right where you need it. In case you are curious and want to know more, let’s take a step-by-step look at how it works:

  1. Central unit: Everything starts with a central unit, usually located outside the main areas. This unit, like a car engine, drives the air.
  2. Duct network: These pipes, which run through walls, ceilings or floors, form a double circuit. On the one hand, it delivers the conditioned air from the central unit to each room and on the other hand, it returns it for processing.
  3. Zonal control: In each room, there are small dampers in the ducts. You can adjust these dampers to control the amount of air coming in, customising the temperature of each room. These grilles can be electronic and have a thermostat. The idea is that they open or close to regulate the temperature of the room automatically.
  4. Quiet and efficient: Unlike some noisy systems, ducted air conditioning operates quietly. This is because the machine is isolated in a room where it is not usually “alive”, such as the false ceiling of a bathroom.

Ducted air conditioning is a versatile and efficient option for air conditioning homes, offices, commercial premises and entire buildings. They can provide zonal control and maintain a clean interior aesthetic. The choice between this system and others will depend on the specific air conditioning needs and preferences of the user.

If you have any questions or would like a personalised quote, please contact us today. In Instalaciones Carabantes we have a qualified and experienced team to carry out all types of air conditioning projects.

Ducted air conditioning in Malaga

Installation of ducted air conditioning in Malaga

The installation of ducted air conditioning is a task that goes beyond simple connections. It requires a careful study of the space, precision in working from inside the structure and often the execution of customised works, such as the incorporation of false ceilings.

Relying on specialised installers guarantees optimal system performance and ensures a hassle-free experience. Simplify the process, trust the experts, and you will enjoy uncomplicated air conditioning with unbeatable air quality.

If you want to have one of the best ducted air conditioning installation teams in Malaga, contact Instalaciones Carabantes today. We offer you a close, personalised service and advise you throughout the project to make it a success.


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